Elevation Autism Center

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis is the scientific approach to understanding why we do the things that we do.

ABA therapy is simply: learning what in our environment causes us to make the everyday choices that we make, then applying that understanding to kids who really need it to make significant progress in their development.

Is ABA therapy only for autism?

No. Applied behavior analysis is a scientific approach to teaching, not only for teaching kids with autism. But we’ve learned through research that it happens to be the most effective treatment for kids with autism. These techniques of ABA therapy have been shown to work over and over again. ABA is just using that understanding to help people overcome their challenges.

How does ABA therapy work?

Children learn best when they’re engaged, happy and having fun. When children are excited to spend time with us, we can capture their attention and make a tremendous impact.

Young children learn best through play, so that’s how we teach. Whether it’s tossing a ball, blowing bubbles, or pushing on the swing—these are all perfect opportunities to teach communication and social behaviors like requesting, turn-taking, and learning patience. These skills build the foundational tools that your child will use to engage their teacher, develop meaningful friendships, and navigate the world with independence.

girl kid playing and learning at playschool with female teacher-Elevation Autism

Your Partners in Progress

We walk alongside you in your child’s journey—from enrollment to kindergarten.

Our masters-level professionals work together to craft a plan, track progress, and bring the learning home.

Your child will have a dedicated Program Supervisor who develops their customized learning plan, implements new teaching strategies, and makes adjustments to keep the momentum going.

Ali Lamanna, BCBA

Program Supervisor

Ashlyn Lanier, BCBA

Program Supervisor

Corinne Loomis

Operations Director

Erica Grove, BCBA

Program Supervisor

Danielle Sanchez, BCBA

Program Supervisor

Evyn Zelnio, BCBA

Program Supervisor

Jenn Hernandez

Insurance Coordinator

Jess Estep, BCBA

Program Supervisor

Jessica Celedon, BCBA

Clinical Director

Kim Richardson, BCBA

Assistant Clinical Director

Lauren VanZuiden, BCBA

Program Supervisor

Sam Verzosa

Operations Director

Zihan Li, BCBA

Program Supervisor

Our Learning Environment

Kids learn best when they’re having fun.

At Elevation, every detail is designed to engage their attention, stretch their abilities, and foster new friendships. From social groups, mealtime, and outdoor play, they will have endless opportunities to enjoy favorite activities build new strengths.