Our comprehensive Early Learners program helps to nurture key areas of childhood development.

We focus on the small steps that make the biggest difference.

Some early skills include learning how to:

Clearly express their needs and wants

Manage transitions between activities

Enjoy family time together

Connect with peers

Experience new foods

Explore new activities and toys

The Elevation Program

Our Early Learners program uses positive reinforcement to celebrate their strengths, and give a boost where it’s needed most.

Kids learn best when they’re happy, relaxed and engaged. With days filled of fun activities and different adventures, they have endless opportunities for learning new skills and tackling fresh challenges.

Our skills program gives the important tools for greater independence in the classroom and beyond:

Hand washing

Potty training

Taking turns

Mealtime routines

Our Daily Learner Schedule

8:30 am – Drop Off and Group Outside Play

8:45 am – Circle Time

9:15 am – Toy Play

9:45 am – Snack

10:00 am – Group Active Play

10:30 am – Independent Work

10:45 am – Sensory Time

12:00 pm – Lunch

12:45 pm – Group Active Play

1:15 pm – Independent Work

1:45 pm – Snack

2:00 pm – Group Toy Play

2:30 pm – Arts and Crafts

3:30 pm – Pick Up

Parent Partnership

As a parent, you hold the key to unlocking your child’s fullest potential. We will work together to practice the techniques that give the biggest gains.

You’ll know our plan and see what strategies lead to results.

The key features of our parent partnership include:

Biweekly parent meetings

In-clinic training sessions

Progress reports and goal reviews

Mandatory parent involvement

How do I get started?

Step 1:

Complete Our Inquiry Form

Complete our inquiry form to schedule a quick phone call. We will then work with your insurance company to gain approval and move forward with your child’s individualized therapy plan.

Step 2:

Meet with Your Child’s Team

Your team, led by one of our Program Supervisors, will gain a comprehensive understanding of your child’s needs through a parent interview and skills assessments. A personalized plan is then created to leverage your child’s strengths and build upon their needs.

Step 3:

Start Therapy

One-on-one therapy and peer group sessions all take place in our clinic’s environment, built just for early learners. Daily sessions typically last from 8:30-3:30.

Step 4:

Track Progress

You’re the most important voice in your child’s care. To ensure your child’s success, we work together to clarify goals, teach skills to apply at home and make adjustments to your child’s therapy plan through regularly scheduled team meetings.